Mass Effect Andromeda Games

Everyone hate Mass Effect Andromeda but that's really a cool game.
I saw a lot of negative reviews that changed only for the credits music "Under Star by Aurora" and that was one of the best ending in ME serie.
So yeah, I'm on the side of the new Pathfinder.
What about you?

i also played it and finished it 3 times i guess. it´s a good game in my opinion, but i liked the triology more. doesn´t feels like mass effect anymore for me and the ending is more than disappointing. I mean the "invasion" is great but the storytelling ...meh. So many questions open at the end and would have wished for more. but the playing (f.e. exploring) is nice. wished to use more skills like in the old games but well ... shooting them Kett and Relicts was also fun ^^