I like to play role-playing games and they can also be played in a forum! So, create your character and join in !!!

here is my character:

Name: Togo-Waah
Age: 195 years
Type: Weredragon (can transform me from a human to a kite and vice versa)
Appearance: Long, white hair, looks like 18, as adragon similar to snakes and white with green claws and wings
I do not like: If stranger thinks I'm a bad monster

Maybe you are a brave hero who wants to climb over the mountain on which I live !!!

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Du willst quasi ein online Pen &Paper spielen. Hört sich ziemlich interessant an schreibe etwas über die Welt, die Völker und Rassen, über mögliche Kriege, was halt so in dieser Welt passiert.
Es muss nicht unbedingt genau sein lediglich einige Eckdaten mit denen man eine Vorstellung von dem Universum machen kann, denn Rest kann man dan im laufe der Geschichte zusammendichten.
Wenn du eine interessante Idee hast werde ich mir einen guten Charakter ausdenken und mitmachen.

So, all this takes place on the continent of Athragon. I imagine it's medieval with swords and such, you know. There are actually all the races that you can imagine, you can also think of a new type, if you want to come across the sea to Athragon or something. there are elves, pirates, desert people, orcs, dwarf humans and many magicians as well as all kinds of werehumans. In fact, there is a big war: an overpowering usurper has proclaimed herself the new queen. Some like it, others do not ... but for me as a 195 year old, that does not matter, I did not put myself on either side ...

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Okay, let's start:

In the last years, I spent my life actually only as a dragon. Up here in the mountains I'm all alone, but below they all want to kill me because they think I'm a devil's bird. Bored, I stretch out on the cave floor and my white scales scrape the hard stone. So boring.
Just to break my boredom, I try to wade myself into a person ... it is harder than expected! My brain clings to the familiarity of the dragons and I need a hit 30 min. before I'm a human again. And at that very moment I realized: I was in exile too long !!!

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Ich bin durch das halbe Land gereist, habe Überbleibsel von alten Zivilisationen erkundet und Kreaturen jenseits der menschlichen Vorstellungskraft gesehen, habe den Fall des Königs überstanden und nun wolte ich den Toten Berg erkunden, auf dem Gerüchten zufolge ein schneeweißer Drache hausen soll der jeden tötet wer mutig genug ist, zu versuchen über den Berg zu klettern.

Ganze drei Tage hat mich der Aufstieg gekostet, ich möchte unbedingt diese Bestie zu gesicht bekommen die fast im ganzen Land bekannt ist.
Ich bin auf dem Berg angekommen, da, der eingang zur Hölle des Drachen ist direkt vor mir, ich trete ein und was ich zu Gesicht bekomme, eine Frauengestallt mit silbernem Haar welches bis zum Boden reicht.

Ich bekam nicht dwn Drachen zu sehen den ich mir erhofft hatte, doch die Reise hat sich dennoch gelohnt.

No sooner had I decided to turn back to civilization, I heard a noise behind me. I whirl around and my hair wipes the dust on the floor (I should cut it urgently). not far behind me in the shadow, I can see a figure, the face is in the shade. How it looks?

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What I notice in any case is that the figure is weather-torn and looks like he has a long journey behind him. Sure, the way to my mountain is not very short ... but he also wears weapons. Not good. I do not like weapons, especially if they seem to threaten me. As a precaution, I softly squat towards the stranger. You never know. At the same time, I'm feeling for the dragon in me. As a woman, although I was a very good healer and superhuman strong, but I had no weapons, so I would probably be better advised in an open fight as a dragon. But for the time being I'm waiting, I do not know the motives of my counterpart.
And you never know ...

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Die Frau mit silbernem Haar dreht sich um und scheint verschreckt und geht in kampfbereitschaft.
Ich schaue die Frau an schaue kurz auf meine Schwerter und mit den Worten "Der beste Kampf ist der den man nicht kämpft", löse ich meine Schwerter vom Gürtel und lege sie auf den Boden, anschließend gehe ich in die hocke, hole aus meinem Rucksack Kleidung die ich zum wechseln dabei habe, lege die Sachen auf den Boden, sage " es ist einer Dame nicht würdig aber es sollte reichen um euch zu bedecken " und trete wieder aus der Hölle heraus und warte gespannt ob die Person vielleicht raus kommt um zu reden.

In fact, the shape does not seem to be dangerous. He says something in a language I do not understand, even though I speak over ten different languages ​​and have recognized well over a hundred. Then he puts his sword on the ground and pulls something out of his backpack; I watch him nervously, but he just pulls out some stuff, says something I do not understand, and pulls back. When I was sure he was no longer in the room, I carefully stepped to the fabrics on the floor and stubbed them with my foot. Nothing happened. So I picked her up and dropped her apart.
Although I was not cold inside because of the dragon fire, I put them on, knowing how people reacted to naked women.
There was only one problem left: How should I react to the stranger? He had not threatened me but even made a friendly gesture. On the other hand, I was a weredragon, and I did not know if he might be a dragon hunter. Since the existence of Weredragons was unknown, I simply decided that I was the simple woman to spend and claim to have been in search of the said dragon.

So I step out of the cave, curious if the stranger was still there or not. But he is actually leaning against a cave wall outside and his black shoulder-length hair framed his face. I had the sword in the cave behind me as a precaution not to accidentally threaten him and tried it in the best known language, the common language:
"Thank you, stranger, what brings you here?" I ask him. Does he understand my language? I just hope that Weredragons are not yet known and he sees me only as the woman I am currently portraying

"My name is Solomon Tãlar, I am the youngest son of Ãwen Tãlar, the Lord of the Grey Elves. I was looking for the Dragon of this Mountain, but all I found was a beautiful woman. Tell me are you lost, are you his prey or are you in fact a Weredragon." Solomon said as he sits down on the ground and start to look for his water and something to eat in his backpack

"And don't be afraid I'm not here to slay a Dragon, I was just hoping to see one".
As he holds the water and some bread to give it to the woman he continues " I travel across the World and examine old castles of long dead civilizations and look at the most existing creatures. And you what brings you here? "

"A fascination, Master Talar!" I say and am pleased that he at least understands the common language.
"I am fascinated by mythical creatures of all kinds, I climbed this mountain, but oh dear, I was lost! I found the way to the valley no more, and the great dragon, his Togo-Waah, is also gone!"
Theatrically, I threw my hand against my forehead, perhaps a bit too theatrical, but at the moment it does not do me much. The man named Awen had pulled some water and bread from his backpack. I did not like the bread, but I gratefully accepted the water. I did not know where the rumor came from that dragons, as beings of fire, did not like water; We loved water, both for drinking and for swimming.

"I'm not your Master, my dear. You can call me Solomon." I speak, as I brake the bread and start eating. I look at the woman, she seems a little bit more relaxed and I ask " What is your name, and how long have you been here. "

I'm still curious about who she is and what she is doing here. And why did she act like an animal, when she first saw me.

When he spoke of "My Love", I relaxed slightly, he seemed to be really nice. But when asked how long I was here, I did not know the answer. How many days would be suspicious and how many absurd? I had completely lost my sense of humanity and that did not benefit me anymore but rather the opposite. So what should I say?
I chose the following answer:
"Not very long, Master Salomon" when I used the word master again, I almost bit my tongue. How on earth would I explain to him that I was still from the old school, that I had learned to humble talk to Master or Lord? But I had no choice but to continue:
"I think it was only a few days, but down here you quickly lose track of time, it's my good luck you came here."

As the woman speaks I look at her with a peaceful smile, but when I hear the word master again, the smile disappears and I look to the ground. After the woman finished talking, I look back at her with a smile again and say " still I don't know your name, my dear. Listen I have something to offer you, I could bring you to the town near the mountain and then we go our own roads or option number two, we go to the town get you some clothes that suit you better, get some sleep and than you accomplish me at my journey around the world until you are ready to go back to civilization and maybe I tell you why I am not a Master or Lord anymore, how about that?" As I tell her that, I start packing my stuff and getting ready to go back down the mountain. "Is it ok when I take my swords again, I don't want to leave them here?" I asked when I was almost ready to go.

Somehow I do not like what the stranger says. The words are so friendly..maybe a bit too friendly. Suddenly, the desire to leave him as soon as possible, without too much confusion, sprouts in me. So I force myself to smile and say:
"sounds good!"

" You don't have to decide right now let's get to the town first. " I speak as I'm getting my swords. >>she doesn't trust me, this is a good idea in times like ours, maybe it would be better for both, her an me, if we go different ways, but I it's up to her to decide, first of all we need to get to the town. << I think as I put the swords on my belt "are you ready to leave this place" I ask as I look at the woman wich is surely not trusting me and say "since here is no dragon there is nothing worth staying any longer."