World of Tanks Games

Maybe someone play this game :) ?

Yeah! I play wot already three years,i like this game, its very onteresting and gladly for me, because, I'm supernumerary.I don't now, how you call people, who has good stat in game. We have supernumerary, noob,cancer, deer,and ever russian word- al'osha,At ru-server.ha ha

It's a good game but I'm so bad at it, i don't know how to play properly :(

I have KV-2, T25/2, S35 CA, and BT-7

I have IS 7
The best game :)

Is any scout/light tank player interested in platooning with me ? :) I just began to play with a new account to grind french SPGs who are so OP ! ^^

which game?

World of Tanks ! :rolleyes

ohh okay :D

Do you play this ?