[ for teenagers ] Do you thinks all muslims are terrorists ? Anything and everything

A terrorist is a question of definitions really.
One might say that fx Georgian rebels are terrorists, others might say that they're merely freedomfighters. But no, I don't think that every muslim in this world is a terrorist, and anyone who believes so is a dumbass.
- However I do on the other hand believe, that religion and the surrounding society are two different things that ought to be seperated.
- In my own personal opinion, Islam sounds like a 'great' religion. Depending on how you choose to read the great book, that is. However I do believe that Islam isn't compatible with the western world and culture yet 🙂 .

My 5 cents.


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Not all muslims are terrorists. Some are, but many are really nice.

the idea muslim=terrorist it's illogical...you can't give a mark to a group of people because of their religion or their country...i think it's useless and that's racism...

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Not all Muslims are terrorists. Only extremists.
Take it from me; I have many Muslim friends.

maybe some part, but observing my country i have many terrorist here in poland, they just don't attract people's attention like those from asia.
but first define who can be called a terrorist 😃

I hate it! My Father is of that opinion. He thinks all Muslims are horrible people, and that they want to kill everyone in sight. I always retort with "That's not a Muslim, Father, that's an extremist." I have many perfectly wonderful friends who are Muslim. They're beautiful, kind souls who are great friends, and who wouldn't make fun of others. (Well, one would, but that's just because she has a low self esteem. 😃 ) But when they go to the mall, or store they're criticized and ridiculed for following the morals and principals their beliefs set for them. I hate how closed minded people can be, especially Americans. I know, criticizing your own country is weird, but there is a lot America is lacking. People just cant get over 9/11, I know it was shocking and horrifying, but really? You judge an entire community, like a fourth of the world, just because of like seven guys? It's so stupid.

Dude I meant to say S-T-U-P-I-D, everytime i say stupid it comes out as stupid

i never met or heared about a terrorist who is christ and killed people with an other religion

Muslim= terrorist

this is not true, saying that is like saying all blondes are dumb or all british people are posh or all americans are stupid fat people. we all know these aren't true, yet why do some people still think that all muslims are terroists? the terroists that just happened to make headlines are muslims, but if a few catholic guys blew up a plane, would people then say all catholics are terrorists?

I agree with anirbas. It is too stereotypical. Weird thing is everyone will have a differnet opinion from past experiences. So if someones dad or family member was killed in a terrorist attack they would say that muslims are terrorists, but I dont think they are.

The most of people thinks that a group of people are the same. Not like that. The people they think like that are preconceived people.

I always think all the people are different. Preconceiving is always invisible walls.

Don't comment a person with his/her appearance, faith etc.

I'm a little optimistic, but I think that only a few people think like that. Even if medias could make us thinking that Islam is evil, I'm sure that a good part of people are not follow like sheeps what is told by medias !

Your religion doesn't say anything about your character. I think education says about your character, not religion. Everyone can be a terrorist not only Muslims.

"We are NOT terrorists and I'm proud to be a MUSLIM"

MOST Muslims are not terrorists. Not even 1% are. Just the bigot like Anne Coulter and other xenophobes think so.

Of course NOT! You can't say that everyone is something if one of you does something bad! Even all of us Finnish people aren't some stupid drunkards although some of us are! YOU SIMPLY CAN NOT GENERALIZE THINGS!!! So, ALL muslims are not terrorist. If that would be so, it would mean that my friend (who is a muslim) would be a terrorist. AND THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE! She's one of the best people I've ever met. She would never want to hurt anyone. So, the answer is NO, NOT A CHANCE!

not all the terorists are moslim,so why moslims have to be all terorits???