Disney-Fans Anything and everything

Ich liebe Walt Disney und das Disneyland Paris und ich würde mich freuen wenn ich hier Gleichgesinnte finde 😊

Hey yesterday I went to Disneyland Paris and it was really an amazing journey 😍😁
This is the beginning of yesterday's show (they do Disney show 20 minutes at 23h00) https://youtu.be/berfD1nPoVQ

Unfortunately, I've never been to Disneyland, but most Disney movies are just wonderful! In my opinion, one is never too old for that, they simply give a piece of carefree childhood, dreams far from reality - I think,that's wonderful

Indeed it is not related to age, and I think that nothing should be linked to age, everyone can do what pleases him and makes him happy :D Disney is something nostalgic and they have also some show for old people like Pirates of the Caribbean :p