Our life is the biggest test among all others Anything and everything


Yes,Its not a word game,Its true that our life is the biggest test in our life.How?

After our mothers give us birth,We become more than a fetus.We poss a soul with our physical human body.Our mental,senses,emotions...

Untill we grow up and think clearly,Surely our parents and environment have the biggest role over us...But after some period,Which is called being teenager I guess,,We become mentally and physically qualified to think and recognize things that we are doing...We can clearly distinguish what is good and what is not.We can control our deeds by using our great brain.We have all control,No one else is able to control us then,Maybe our parents or bosses or teachers can order us to do something,but they can not force us to do anything unless we are willling to do that...

So as we have our own control whether to chose good or bad,on this earth everything can be an issue on the test of life...

Whenever we have a disease It might because of our fault,or maybe a test we have to pass without complaining

Whenever we find ourselves in poverty,Its might be because we didnt strive enough,or maybe Its just a test in which we should go on with patience

Whenever we strive too much but cant achive our goal,maybe Its because we did something wrong,or Its a test that we should be content with result and not complain

Whenever someone treats us badly,Maybe Its because we treated her/him in such a wrong way before,Or Its a test we should pass without anger.Its easy to yell someone but hard to respond kindly.

Whenever we have some one perished away,Its because It was just time to go,and We should learn a lesson instead crying loudly like we can be in that grave fallowing day.

I am sure anyone can produce many samples like these one but the thing is whole this situations that we go through in our lives can be tests,which we have to pass...And failing can cause a big disaster such a hell fire.No I am not trying to make someone fear,because we already should be afirad of the punishment our deeds will have caused in this worldy temporary life.

Please just be more careful and conscious of every step we take and everything we do,
Life is the biggest test in front of us and Its not a tough one unless we look for the answers in wrong places before ring bells for the end...