Wishes for my friend :) Anything and everything

I'm here because I have "a birthday's secret mission" and I need a lot of help from all of the world. Maybe you can help too...? ;) I belive in you!!!!

In this year my friend Piotr (Piter) has 40th birthday. I want to give him something special- 40 short movies with good words and wishes from all the world.
I can't do it without people. Maybe could you help me?
Could you record short movie (really short! about 10 sec.) with best wishes from your country?

I want to collect 40 films, so I still have a lot to do....... I've only got two movies. It's difficult to find people willing to help... But I will not give up :) I believe that there are good people here with big hearts, who can help :)

It's very important to me.
What do you think about it...? Could you help, please...?

I have propositions for video:
You could say in polish "wszystkiego najlepszego" (it means "all the best/best wishes";), or say wishes in your native tongue + in English or Polish.
You can show in your video something beautiful- sea, mountains, view, your country, your face :D (necessarily!) ;) and, for example, some place in your city in the background.

You'll definitely should say your name and where are you from/where are you on movie (for example, "Hi, I'm Alexia! I'm in New York now and I wiiiiish Youuuu happy birhday and ...." )

I'll be grateful for help till I die !!!
Could you help...? - That's the question :)

It will not work without you...!! ♥

Mail for sending videos:

Have a nice day!