Are religions necessary in life? Anything and everything

We see so many international conflicts,wars, fighting, abuses,etc in different religions,countries. Does religions cause more peace or war in the world?

Religions is not the problem. The people are the problem because they use the religion to start a war or conflict because some people has an other opinion or religion. So, for so far there are people this problem will never ends or a wonder will happen.

I agree with you Daniel. If some people stop trying to impose their religion to other people,there would be more peace in the world.

For me Yes of course.

It is a good question and it is hard to answer. There are so many stories in religions, to tell us how the world is made, how to think, how to treat the world, treat others, treat ourselves, etc. I think religion is an important thing on the road knowledge. The desire for power and fortune creates Wars and evils. They use religions to expand their power and change creeds to meet their needs. I think that's why religion decline.

I think often times religion and culture are mixed up too much. For me, the history of a certain country is very important and interesting and often times religions and religious conflicts are a part of it. For me personally, a religion is not necessary in todays life.

For me no, for most chinese either.

I fully agree with Daniel-Mulder. Problems come from the man, not from the religions themselves. There is the religion, and the way you interpret it. Obviously, with all what's happening in the world since many years (I'm obviously talking about people using the religion to justify their actions), I think that more and more people are getting scared and we cannot blame them for that.

What is religion? any definition?

Religion is not nessecary in life. No. In fact religion was meant to teach us about life in the beginning. But nowadays people forget the purpose of it. Instead of learning they worship. Religion is unfortunately misused by many higher orders of power. You can believe in god and not be religous. Religion is a label we have created that is not nessecary.

Religions are the most dangerous fairy tales ever invented, designed to elicit blind obedience, and strike fear into the hearts of the innocent and the uninformed.