Why cant we live in peace? Anything and everything


Do you know Rachel Corrie? If you dont know,I just want to recommend you to search for her. I watched a video of Dawud Wharsnby,who is a singer,but not a singer as you think..He is singing for peace,children,and good things,God... He is a great man I think..He had a song named ''Rachel'',I couldnt understand the words of video at first,then I thought she was probably someone like his friend,or some one like that..He said to look for her,and after I did it,,It really impressed me..
She is a peace worrior,who left her family,friends and all,then went towards war where children had been killed by bulldozers,and Israil soldiers,in Gazze. She went there to spread peace,and I am sure maybe she couldnt stop the war,but She inspired people by her move... You may wonder what happened to her,,I also did wonder about it,,the sad end was,She was crushed by a buldozer while she was trying to prevent a family,and house to be demolished... I hope,God will reward her...

She was aware that,Whereas some people are living in luxury and money pools,There were people being killed without any reason..She was aware that Whereas We are throwing out food,that we dont like,or dont eat,,,there were children suffering from hunger..And we still cant recognize this.But she did..

So why we cant live in peace,I mean If We dont fight,or dont kill someone,,but we still dont live in peace.My point is,We are still unkind to others,,We dont smile to others during rush of day... We dont help others who need it..We dont take care of poor people,who need just a hot soup,and maybe a loaf of bread... We even dont take care of our parents,or relatives sometimes...We shout at them,we argue with them,and for what? Nothing... And there are rest homes,for what? Because People avoid their parents,or relatives just because they think that they cant care of them.Its not true.

We think,we dont have time for helping others,maybe for people in Middle East,or in Africa,or in somewhere around world.We think,We dont have nothing to help with them.But Its not true actually..There are volunteer camps in such countries like that..If Its possible,and affordable(sometimes It require some money,but not much as Its ''volunteering'') We should attend that organizations like these.If we cant,,We can at least spread the peace,and good thing between people,around us...Dont we have anyone who is suffering from some illness,or hunger,or thirst? I am sure all of us do have some one around like that,,,We can find a way to help them,maybe share our drink with them,or our chocolate... And even a little,we can balance difference between people.Eveen If you dont have anyone around you can help,,you can pray.Its for free,and you dont have to be close to them..God is hearing your prays always.And never think God doesnt accept your good prays,In someway God accepts it,maybe you can not notice,Nobody can know it...

I know God always watching us,,and will be watching us,while we are doing good deeds,We just have to keep going on the good way... :)