True and eternal happiness,rest or peace,Where are they? Anything and everything


Science still can not explain what is happiness..Is it an idea, emotion, virtue, philosophy, ideal, or is it just programmed in the genes? There is no agreed upon definition for it..

Nowadays,for most people happiness seems to be being reach,having cars,jewellery,beautiful houses by sea,great toys for kids etc..This examples has no end,but the happiness of these examples have an end,as everything has an end..I mean,whenever we get what we want,as material ones,after we got used it,We dont satisfy with our goods.Then we ask for more,we always keep our eyes on whatever is called ''best''..Sometimes Its being best actor among people,or best photo model,or best celebrate so on...Do you think such things like these may bring you endless happiness? Because I dont think so,as we can not reach whatever we want everytime...There are rich people,who want to be more rich,,there are famous people,who want to be more famous,there are sport players,who want to be much better...So They never satisfy with their life,I think this is because they can never reach the ''endless happiness and rest''...

So where is real,endless happiness rest and peace?
Well,Its not hard actually,We just dont know where to look for it... We look for always on material things,on tv,on songs,on money,succes...but the reason people can not be satisfied with their life is because they are looking on wrong place.And materialism doesnt lead a lasting happiness.Therefore happiness is not something you can make it with money,or with anything like that...Its your path on life,Its a life style...

If we can always become thankful with even a grain of a bread that God gave us,thats the endless happiness

If we do good deeds in a day time,just in order to be a good,human,thats endless happiness

If we can examine ourselves,before we sleep in bed,and find out we did some good things today,and tomorrow there will be more,then we can sleep with rest

If we know there is God,and always makes best for us,thats the endless happiness

If we can smile to everybody around,just to make their moments better,thats the endless happiness just because we do something for someone else,and It also effect us in a good way

If we do,work on a job,and make money to take care of people around,thats the endless happiness

If we do give some money to needed,feeble or weak people,without expecting money back,not to be satisfied,but just because they need it,thats the happiness

If we can do charity,not to look like a good person,but to be benefical to others,thats the really and endless happines...

If we can recognize the beauty,rest,and peace of nature while walking on a park,or looking at sky,,thats the pace we look for...

If we can pray and wish good things,not just for ourselves,but also other people,around us thats the peace we look for...

The thing is,If We can fulfill every moment of our lives with good,benefical things,and If we can do our obligations,to God,and to others around such as taking care of our families,,then we are on a good way so We shouldnt look for rest,and peace in such things...Its not far away from us,Its inside of us,when we become a good human...
:) :angel