Pen pal Anything and everything

Hi I would like to have some Pen Pals all over the world write letters exchange souvenirs from our countries. If you would like so please message me. (Would like from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, etc..)
Hope to hear soon from people :)

Best Regards

Coincidentally, my name is Anna, too.I am from China.I am looking for a penpal.My English isn't good,so I want to improve my English.If you think no problems,we hope we can be friends.If you also love China,I can help your Chinese,it is interesting.If you don't mind my poor English.......

Yes, I would love to!

My Name ist Pia and I look for a penpal who can help me with English.

My name is Nuno, from Portugal, but, a permanent UK resident, I am seeking penpals and anyone is welcome.

I would like to exchange letters too)
For me it's important to improve my language skills

Hi 👋

I am happy to be sad ,It's funny when I am mad ,I don't know what I want but I will finger it all right ,I like to move on to different beat ,I walk away on the street,I don't mind when you are fuck couze I am me and that's unique:)