Love Anything and everything

Hi friends . i fell in love with a girl . it means long distance love . i didnt meet her before anyhow i talked with her and fell in love . but friends she rejected me :(
friends mostly i tell advices to people who are broken . but i coudnt tell those advices to me :(

:( :( :( :( :(

Love hurts you will be fine, don't worry.

bro , i never saw a girl like that and that was the first time :( and i fell in love . bro i didnt saw her beauty , i saw her kindnes of heart . she is so kind and sweet hearted :( but she.... hates me.... :(

There’s plenty of fish in the sea my man we will get through this :) it’s hard but we will

yeah friend :(

Cheer up, it means it was not "your person" (even if you don’t believe in it for now) Anyway, this is only the beginning and probably something better was prepared for you in the future =) It’s better to know beforehand that you don’t fit each other than time will pass and the hit will be more painful, just believe me :) And we're always here if you need a support ^^

thank alot friend :)

It's tough and it hurts but in due time you will find the right person :)

yeah friend :( but now i feel like that i lost my world . she is my world . but she hated me :(