Broken heart Anything and everything

Idk why I am here but I just want some opinions from you guys here it goes, so I just had this complicated situation with my LDR girlfriend for 10 months now and I just need some idk I guess opinions or point of view from people but it’s really just I need some help on how can I get better trying to make this relationship work she asked some space and time and all and idrk what to do I don’t want her to leave cuz I really love her a lot what do you people think should I do to be better at least for us to work and she be happy again

First what's LDR? *And second listen to her, do as she says and also explain your feelings to her, and if after all that it goes wrong then it's not your fault and you can do better than her, relationships only work if both sides provide a positive input, do yours and she should do hers. Good luck.

Long distance relationship thank you for your opinion man helps a lot peace out

Hello! I'm not sure if I understood your text completely because of the abbreviations...

I can only advise you to talk openly with your girlfriend - about your feelings, fears, worries -
and ask her, to be honest,too.
Are your feelings, desires and purposes / hopes (in terms of you as a couple) the same?
Are you both willing to fight for it / compromise?One alone can't do that. If only one person is ready to fight for the relationship and just look for one another ... it may sound harsh, I know, but - if you don't know exactly if and what you want, and she maybe,too - then you don't have a chance to do something 'right'.
First of all, you have to find out what you really want, what is right for you - then you have the chance to fight for it. I hope I could explain what I mean and wish you all the best

I tried it up all haha it’s just because she isn’t happy with me anymore and she doesn’t have the determination to search for it unfortunately she left just hours back now i don’t know what to do I’m having these negative thoughts now and kept blaming myself for not being enough for her I guess we really just have to set them free if we really love them I told her I’ll try to court her again someday ^_^ like the firs time I did I love her a lot and I’ll wait my whole life for her and I guess if she doesn’t want me back I’ll just be lonely i don’t know haha I’m depressed about it and I know drinking nor doing dumb stuff will help me get her back thank you for your opinion I really appreciate it a whole lot best of luck and have a great day

dont worry bro , all is well .
bro you lost someone , who hates you . but she lost someone , who loves her so much more than the world . be happy bro

Thank you ^_^ appreciate it a lot! ^_^

bro there are lots of stars on the sky , you loved a star . but that star hated you .
remember there is a beautiful moon also there . that moon will be a gift to you from the god .


I’ll keep that in my mind thanks! ^_^

Not your fault, long distances are hard work she didn't want to commit but you did, if you ask me your the better person and anyone will be lucky to have you.

Thanks a lot man ^_^ I appreciate it sharing your opinions have a great day :) I hope i’ll Find that special someone someday soon