Really Sorry Anything and everything

Hi Friends . Im Aadhil from sri lanka . i found alots of good friends here . sometime i made my friends angry at me . bcz of my alots of faults . if i did anything wrong to you , im really asking sorry .

please dont angry with me please .

Thanks :)

Some friends didnt talk with me , idk the reason yet . i think i made any mistakes thats why they didnt talk with me . its ok friends . but dont angry with me .

im asking sorry , please please please :(

How cute.

Word of advice: sometimes, well a lot of the time, people get bored and decide not to reply back, and for some reason they don't even try to say "sorry its not working out" don't let it get to you, search for more people and keep going, it is not your fault.

thanks alot @Nicodominic for your words :)

Perhaps they ran out of things to say :D