Looking penpal Anything and everything

I am Marjolien,
I am 11 years old and I am celebrating my 12th birthday!
I love to dance and play guitar!
I also like animals and I also have a pet myself.
I am looking for a pen friend from about my age. Why? I'd like to talk to someone about anything and everything 😃
I only accept people who are about the same age as me 🙂
Language: Preferably the Netherlands or English!
Would you like to write with me? Leave a message on my page!

Hi, if u want we can be pen friends

Hey everyone!
I'd like to write letter just like the people di just a few years ago.
I ike go to the gym and I play the violin.
I adore tea!
I'm 15 years old and if you want to write letters (English, German or French) I would be very happy if you let a message on my page.