How late is it in your country? Anything and everything

I live in the Netherlands and it's 12:47 AM!

I am in Chicago, I am GMT-6 and it is currently 7:06 pm.

Spain, 9:41 AM

qatar, 1.57 pm

12,57 😂

In Germany it’s 16.33

Currently in Singapore, 07:09
Home 00:09

In Italy it's 18:44

In Italy It Is 20.34 p. m. ...


I live in Berlin, Germany and it's 20:36/8:36 pm

I live in Trinidad. It is presently 8:37pm here.


I live in Germany an right now it's 14:32

I live in Milan and it’s 16.14.

Im in cesena and are 10:53 am

Je vis en France et il est 7h45 :)

Il est 12h46 actuellement en France