Long-term friendship Anything and everything

Just wondering if this platform caters for people that are interested in long-term friendship. I am kinda interested in meeting females that are interested in that but I am wondering if it is the right thing to do here.
Has anyone had any positive experiences here?

Multiple, I have met many people from this site. Sometimes there's a click and you keep in touch, other times things just go different. But I still have some people who I'm in touch with from the beginning.

Great to hear. Thanks

just find the right people …… Jus t talk with people and you know if it good. Some people will stay and other will be left… But thats need time 😃

In my opinion just hit up for everyone. You will create 3 groups of friends then. First of them are people that don't care about friendship.
Second are people who don't chat everyday but they remember about you and they will write sometimes.
Third are BFF. They chat with you everyday and they can't imagine a day without a message.

Nice threads going on here. One thing I see from the advises is that one needs to make friends. Well that sounds easier than done with the site not giving much option to search for people using filtering options. Every time you like to search and view profiles you have to start from page one and go down to the how manieth page.. It's a rather mundane task...