It's better to speak online than in real life... Anything and everything

All is said in the title 😉
I've only made that topic to find people to talk with (preference for english-speaker 😉 )
If you feel like me, or want to talk with me you can send me PM 😉

I think speaking in real life is better then online, in real you hear the sarcasm in someones voice, witchatring tou dont always see that. In real you can make some things clear with your hands, online wirh smileys and Thats just a way too bad.. if you only talk online with people.... that would be a sad life, no one with who you talk in real, no one with who you can do something... is that what you want?

I think it depends on with who you speak and your personality (intro vs extro)
I consider myself more as intro than extro and I prefer starting conversation online than IRL cause I make lots of "social" mistakes IRL than I wouldn't done it by texting online 😉
But if you're more an extro, it's definitely better and easier in IRL 😉

I speak for myself and with my experience of social interaction, the title was only to attract people to convers with 😃

So, just to be clear, your goal in life is to be like the guy in the film 40 year old virgin ?
I wrote a lot more but I have to show social constraint. this post made me irritated. that's all I will say.

Guys, you're nobody to judge others' opinions and/or life choices, the humankind was able to adapt itself to any condition when times were tougher, now evolution calls for people to develop more original mindsets and different ways of living, perhaps starting from within ourselves and personalities, who knows.
"Who knows" is the point of everything.

P.S. People can watch porn and remaining virgins, if I'm told to accept invasions, chinese people, black people, gays, lesbians, heterosexuals and my friend's dog that constantly tries to make a baby with me... Can't your mind accept this? Sex is the base of nothing, yet the consequence of our behaviour

I only got irritated because I used to think like him then i realised theres no fear but fear its self. i know cliché but its true. He has to get out there make mistakes learn and keep moving forward. I recently went to Japan it took 30 hours of no sleep and lack of social skills but I did it and loved it so much I am going back next month.

So, just to be clear, your goal in life was to be not like the guy in the film 40 year old virgin ?
Was it an obsession for you ?
Did you suffer from it ?
An did you finally pass "The Test" ? Maybe yes, seeing how you so proud of it, but we could be surprise...
(What would be the worst for you ? Going unnoticed ?)

The aim of this topic wasn't to choose the best between talking online or IRL, but only to talk about your social interactions in general.
I happy to see that my topic create in you the will to interact with me, thx.

PS: I think Chatspin/chatroulette is better for you, don't waste your time with writing messages back to your screen, go using directly your Social Skills
PPS: Surely we two have already failed to our respective goal...