Hey someone intersted in exchange letters? Anything and everything

Maybe it sounds pretty oldschool but I really would like to find a "Letter-Friend". Think it could be fun :) (maybe sending a letter once a month or something like that) So if someone's interested..text me :)

We can if you want ^^

yes , i would love to exchange letters :) message me

Hi, I'm interested!

If anyone want, feel free to write to me

Me too

Hi, I'm also looking for someone to exchange real letters with! Feel free to message me!

Hi, I'm interested in exchanging real letters, too!! Feel free to message me!

Hi! I'm interested! You can text me!

Hi! I'm interested too and if you mean physical letter, yes, i think that that could be fun, I had never sent a real letter before haha. Write me if you wish.. I'm from Uruguay.

Hey, I would love to write real letters :)
If someone is interested in writing with me, please leave me a message :)


It's an amazing idea! I am intrested 😊

Me to

Me too! Text me :)

Me too.

It's amazing, 100% yes

Yeees! :) i'd like to do this. I have two pen friends at the moment.