What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Anything and everything


Chocolate and strawberry ice cream with sprinkles 🍨

Great subject ! ! I love ice cream.... maybe yoghurt or ehm oreo or.. strawbery yoghurt ice cream!!! I just love everything

I Love Melon icecream it's the best

Stracciatella all life!!!

semolina with blueberries

Hazelnut or yoghurt

definitely lemon, but I also like after eight or stracciatella

stracciatella en bannana :)

after eight is my favourite, but I also love cheesecake and yoghurt

I Love Melon icecream it's the best
whoa i have never heard about that

One of best I tasted is rose.

Recently Old Fashioned Vanilla, but I love rice ice cream and this elusive one called "taste of Sicily" which has dried bits of lemon in it.

White chocolate 😌❤️

If it's vegan I'll have it!🤤😍😂

chocolate and stracciatella

Chocolate and Cooky