Favorite Country ! Anything and everything

The Netherlands 🙂

Russia! Siberia - the best!!!

South korea or Japan ♥ 😃


France, USA and Holland)

italy for sure .....

but I wanna live in norway

Homeland, of course.

My favourite country is England, I love UK, I would like to live in London!!!

Why peopel in here like so much Finland 😃

but I like Korea, China and Singapore

my favorite countries are: Spain (my family come from this country) and Argentina alucard

Nobody want to live in Belgium ? pff ! 🙁

New Zealand, i'm totaly in love with this country 🙂

My favourite country are Macedonia, Greece, Coratia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey I adore Balkan country, Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Iceland, Norway...

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Iran, Turkey, Jordania.....and other arabic.....where are deserts....

Uuguay or Argentina for sure ! Best countries in the worldwide

New Zealand, I adore that country.

Kenya <3

I'd like to live in Ireland, in Dublin once again. 😉