Favorite Country ! Anything and everything

For me : Finland, Sweden (!) and Russia (Poland too)

But I really love my country 😉
Well If Somebody come from this country and wan't to chat e-mail me 🙂

I like Switzerland and Germany 🙂 and I would like to live in one of this country 🙂

Japan & Sweden.

I love Holland and south Africa, but I want to lice Down Under!!!!!

Australia seems wonderful !!

I don't have a favorite country, but i really love China 🙂

[color=orange][b][u]Here the podium of the 10 countries that I love so much:[/b][/u][/color]

1)Ellada>Greece, Masr>Egypt and Makedonija>Macedonia because it's beautiful countries and I love the history, the music, the culture and the lifestyle of those countries. And because my name come of those 3 countries.
2)The United Kingdom (Nothern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales) + South Ireland because I love to talk in english.
3)Espana>Spain: I love the culture, music and lifestyle and because I have spanish origins.It's the rare country that I visited and it's a good memories
4)Nihon>Japan : I like this language, the culture, the music and monuments.
5)Mauritius Isle : I like the history of this country, the culture, the lifestyle, the music and because the dodo bird it's my favorite animal also even if this race died in XVII°.
6)Suomi>Finland : I love the music, the culture, the lifestyle and the snowy climate of this country.
7)USA : I love this country.
😈Australia : it's a beautiful country too and I love the music, the culture the lifestyle.

One day I would love to go in those countries that I like so much.

I love Japan, but I like USA and UK too 🙂

I love America and Spain! 😃

My favorite country is India and UK!!

I like Switzerland BEST!!!! Then it's UK 😃

I want visit and be informed about all the Europe states...

i love south africa and U.S.A!

I love Japan. (^w^)

England,Australia,New Zealand,Russia,Ukraine,Germany,France,Argentina/Chile/Peru.


Oh!Germany is the best choice!but the best love is Berlin in it and the most love is always the Berlin Wall in it,but I think I can't live under the Berlin Wall,lol,I just so love the Berlin Wall!

England and France 😁