Favorite Country ! Anything and everything

I think I would rather live in the USA, England or the neighboring countries over there 🙂.

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i like to live in UK.. cuz i love soccer!

My favourite country is Finland. I like to travel in Muslim countries where people are polite and they have good manners.

I would love to live in India or Indonesia. Or in Belgium or France.

Finland: Me, my family and my friends are living here. This is my home.<3

Japan: The land of manga and anime. There's also a lot of good bands in Japan. Japanese people are very friendly and the language is really beautiful. 🙂

I love UK and Poland 🙂

I would like the U.S.A and Australia. O and even maybe New-Zealand!🙂

I love Egypt...but Finland is also nice 🙂

I'd like to travel all over the world, so that I could know for sure which is my favourite country...
I've only been to Barcelona and Roma (well, I've been in hotel clubs in Tunisia and Turquia but unfortunately, I didn't visit those countries at all...) and I must admit that what I've seen from Italia has totally driven me crazy about that country... it seems absolutely wonderful!

Definitely the USA 🙂

Turkeyy & South Korea<3!!

Finland 🙂

France, Poland, Japan, Italia and China !
Is so difficult to say " this country is better than this other " T-T !

My favorite country is Russia) When i'll speak Russian good enough i'll probably go live in Russia !
China seems cool too, but so many people ...

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My favorit country is Italy, thats also where i want to live...
But I also like Luxambourg and austria.

I definitely love France

I love Finland *-*

southkorea *___* i want to go there right now 😉