Favorite Country ! Anything and everything

my favorite country are generally in asia ( japan, korea, india, ect )
I'd love to go to asia for my study in art history *o* !

where i live, the France and the "Cévennes mountain" and too the Alpes. i love others country as Croatia, Serbia, but i dream to go in Ukraine to live in this country!

my fav one is norway.love my own country too.-turkey especially istanbul

There are so many countries I like... but very exciting for me is japan.

I like Poland and the UK, I want to go to those places, I might go this summer 😃

I would love to live in Alaska, Russia or Germany

Russia or Australia

I like Ireland and France for theirs landscapes. UK for the pub 😁. Italy for Culture, and Spain for the big party in Barcelona. So it's very difficult for me to choose one. One country which includes all that.

France / frenchmen r kind 😉

USA & UK 🙂

I would love to live in Alaska, Russia or Germany
Really? You are very brave, if you want to live in Russia! It's very cold and snowy here in winter! And we have a real summer for only one day...
But I love my country and Saint - Petersburg ( my city) !!! Why? I don't know... I think, because it's very beautiful and nice.
I like all countries, at all...

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My favourite country is UK! I've always been loving this country!! 🙂 I've already been there twice and I love the way of life ... Londoners are all friendly, especially the girls! 🙂
I would like to live either in UK or USA or Italy! 🙂
And I'm espacially serching for people from these country indeed because I want to improve my English and to learn Italian! 🙂

I'm from Belgium 🙂

Ow, a lot!
Ofcourse 1# the netherlands.
And France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Greece, England, Luxembourg ( dont know how to write it), Malta & Thailand & The US.
But I espacially love THE NETHERLANDS <333


Favorite? I am a very patriotic American. American, as in from the United States.

I want to live in the UK, and an Asiatic country. I cannot decide which, though.

I recently visited Europe, and fell in love with Germany. Austria and Switzerland as well.
But mostly Germany...

I love all countries in the world ,besides Africa = ="

ALGERIA For ever