Have you met any penpal from this forum in real life? Anything and everything

I haven't. But I think it's interesting to share your experience about meeting other penpal from this forum.

Yes i met one 😁

Me too 😉

They have met eachother hahahahaha

hahahahah yup

@pandatjuh @_Meltem_ Any story to tell?

A lot of times, but more in past years

@pandatjuh @_Meltem_ Any story to tell?
It was weird and really cool at the same moment haha, seing someone with who you chat in reallife is so different but it was nice and speaking was easier then we thought haha

I would say it was the most exciting meeting I ever had, and I am happy that we did it. It was very interesting after chatting so long and then meet in real life.

about 20+ now so far haha

I did, once, it was very nice

Yes! And it was really nice 🙂

Yes, I met up with a guy after 3 years of chatting. It was awesome 😉