Long distance relationships Anything and everything

Who believes in long distance relationships? And if you do not believe in them why?

I believe that Love knows no distance. They could be near or far, but you never know until you try. It is, however a lot of work, but if you and the other person believe in each other then anything is possible. :)

Real love known no distance. But it can be give problems if one moved to the other country for life. Visa for staying in the other country, different culture, etc.
But if it feels good and the other person is a good one..... then it all comes good at the time. I have exparience with that.
But you must realize ans think twice if the person the real one for something like this.

But i hope for the best for you both :D

I had two long distance relationships and sadly they didn't work, but I do believe that love knows no boundaries. Indeed having a long distance relationship represents a lot of work and sacrifice but anything is possible when there is love from you and your partner... You'll be amazed at how your perspective of time changes!

Best of luck!

I don't. Unless the long distance relationship is only for a short time, i.e the couple is gonna move in together, or live close to each other after a certain period (a few months/a year).

for example, if one of them is doing an exchange year or a stage abroad

I did when I was 17/18. She was an amazing person, but at the same time, I was young, naive, and insecure. Maybe that had a bit to do with why it ended, but for the most part, it just wasn't sustainable.

That being said, that's just my experience. Give it a shot and see how it works for you!

I think that the long distance relationships are possible if it is for short period. If it's for determine period. But not for life. In this case i don't think that is a relationship.

I do. I have been in one for 1 year now. Things pretty much work. Hope they will also in the future.

i do beleive ..i had like 3 relationships ..but it really must be for a short time so you can meet and see if you stay together or nope

I find long distance relationships very interesting and when the Person I love lives in another country, it's more interesting. But in my opinion, it will doom, because I will never see the Person in real life or just very seldom. And in a relationship I really would like the visit the man I love. But no one know where the love is falling. ^-^

i believe a distance relationship because i like antoher country

I have never had a distant relationship. But I would like to try. It is often said that love has no boundaries.

I believe in long distance relationships because i write handwritten Letters since 19 years and i do like it more than everything today. It's really great to find new friends and people in all over the world and learn some Languages or anything else.

I really want some (female) Snailmail Penpals in other Countries. So i can improve my english. I can help with german. ;)