Long distance relationships Anything and everything

Any advice on how to get over a long distance mutual crush?

Why to get over? Is it really over yet or does "simply" the distance spread its torturing pain?

We both didn't want a long distance relationship, but feelings got in the way. Nevertheless we're now kind of drifting apart... needless to say that it hurts like hell, but I know that it is the best thing after all.

Honestly; it's not that easy to get over a long distance mutual crush because I, myself know how this goes. Because I was in the same situation when I liked a guy from Scotland, UK and I was here in America and we tried the whole long distance thing. It was going well and then it just drifted apart, and it still hurts like hell even after we stopped talking in 2012. I still care for him, even though he probably doesn't, but i mean I still hope. As for you; you might have to go with your inner gut on this and decide from there. It sucks, trust me.. I know exactly how you feel.

Maybe taking things easy, and not thinking about tomorrow would be the best option 🙂
Life is too short to worry about anything (i know, that's easy to say but difficult to put in practice)... you could stay in touch, and who knows, maybe some day you will be able to fulfill your relationship. Maybe one of you will soon fall for person who lives closer. Maybe you will have an argument and stop talking with each other 😛
Life is full of surprises, i had my dose haha
Good luck for both of you