Who of you loves writing stories? Anything and everything


Me 😃

me too

I like to write littele poems.

Here is one:
Grey is the sky
blue is my heart
now that i am on my own
day after day.

I do!

me too 🙂

me too 🙂)

me too 🙂

Me too~

Me too!

Me too!

Me too

I like writing! =)

ME! 😃

HI! My name is Ana and when I have the time, I love to write stories. I always have these wonderful stories in my head and I love being creative, but sometimes when I write it out, I get stuck. Maybe my brain doesn't think I can use words to fully portray what I want to express or describe.

Me too.
I love write, create an universe and different character.
Actually I am working on an steam punk trilogy, it is an two-hand book.
The first on three is almost done 🙂


I also love writing. Do you want to create a group on FB to exchange our stories?