Dream Destination Holiday Anything and everything

To exchange esperiences:
What´s your dream destination and why?

I would really like to go too Canada or England. I don't really know why... But I absolutely love these two countries and I could practise my English there. Another reason could be that I really want to see something different because I don't really leave Germany.

I like the sea and nature, I like respect, kindness and culture, I found all this on the island of Mauritius, where people of different colors, different religions and different walks of life, live in harmony and with kindness that at the beginning I thought I was false because I was the foreigner, but then making friends I saw that they were always so kind, even among themselves

I like camping. The farther from people and cities the better. If I can find a nice forest away from everything I'm happy. My favorite place to camp is the Rocky Mountains here in Colorado. There is a nice private campground on the west side of Pikes Peak near Mueler State Park where my family and i like to camp. I would recomend it to anyone who likes the mountains.