What do you think about this new version of PPG? Anything and everything

What do you all think of this version of penpal-gate? My honest opinion is that this one sucks. You can't scroll back in the chat.. i miss the old version. Who does also miss the last version?

I also miss the function of scrolling back in the chat. I use penpal mostly on phone. If I switch from the main chat to a private chat, the chat history in the main chat disappears 🙁

I don't mind this version so much. Looks a bit like a dating site though, I think. The chat however is terrible indeed! It is so annoying to not be able to scroll back and read what previously had been said. Certainly not when either you do something else at the same time or many people are online! I do like that you can read old person to person conversations back in the messages part.

I agree with the two tulip girls.
Edit : And the tulip guy

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