Education/pedagogy : what's the most pedagogical way to teach math ? Anything and everything

Hi ! Just a small topic to have new point of view. I am quite in fond of things concerning education, pedagogy and "how to learn" stuff.

And recently, I hear a lot (it's not a recent news I know !) that some student, mostly middle and high school, have big troubles with maths. I totally understand. So I was wondering, what would be the most efficient and pedagogical way to teach math to people without scaring them or making it painful..?

I know there is no perfect way to teach because it depends on how each people learn and understand things, however, what was working for you or what would have worked ..?

Thank you if you leave a small advice !


What worked for me when I had to learn math was to make a link to practical applications. Basically trying to see that math is all around us and with math trying to understand a part of the world around us. Also math problems sometimes can be taught in small steps, if some of these small steps get prized people might feel more motivated.

This is my own expierence with math and how I got to like it, I hope it helps!

I'll remember it ! and yes trying to make understand how math is all around us and that it is not just some kind of freaking equations and graph is a big challenge. But succeding in it is really great and helpful !

thank you Sven !