Hello there,

My name is Sven (it is my real name and nickname) and I study chemistry however, as a hobby I study entomology this comes with some botany and microbiology.
I would like to find contacts who are willing to share their observations about the nature where they live. This can be simple small talks about how you enjoy your walks and what you prefer to spend time on looking. It can also be more detailed information exchange with someone who studies nature as well. After all my goal is to gain more knowledge about the natural world around me.

If you're still reading it could possibly be that you are interested. For the real fanatics it might be nice to know that I also appriciate the possibility of gaining samples from your place, my prefered method would be transforming waste from wasp/fly traps and died individuals from nature or breeding (like bee keeping or walking stick/ beetle/ butterfly breeding) into specimens suited for research.

I know that I most likely sound crazy and that I am not a professional but the quest to learn about the natural world around me is easier to live up to with people who share this passion and objects for study.

Thank you for the time to read this and hopefully I will hear from you!