Who wants a postcard from France? Anything and everything

Hello everyone!

I was wondering about my collection of postcards and I had an idea. Why don't send it to someone? I don't use them, and maybe you're like me: you like to go to your letter box and see a lovely postcard from anywhere around the world. So I have a little project : I have 16 postcards. If you want one of them, tell me a number between 1 and 16 and I'll send you the postcard that matches with the number you told me. Only one postcard per person.
What do you think about it? Don't hesitate to tell me if you have another idea, to make my projet better!

Have a good day/night :)


I like number 9

Hello everyone!

Some of you wanted a postcard and gave me a number. Thank you!
BUT : if you want it, I need your adress (i'll use it only to send you the postcard you asked for, I won't tell someone else you adress, don't be afraid :) ) I sent a personal message to everyone except to ellen902 (excuse me, i'll do it asap!!). If you don't send me a message during this week, postcard number 7 and 9 will be availaible again.

Hey i am new here and if you don't mind i would like to get number 16 :)
If you want to i could send you a postcard from Germany in return
i think your project is a fantastic adventure

Thank you so much!

Actually I'd like 7, but if that's not available, number 1 is ok :)


Hello again!

These postcards are still available : 1 to 6, 9 to 12, 14 and 15
Really really sorry for the people who asked me a postcard and who gave me their adress ; I'm taking my final exams and have no time... I'll try to send you your postcard soon!!

Have a good day!

Awesome idea! I was afraid I was too late to this. Number 9 would do fine for me. In return, I can send a postcard to you from where I am from. Cheers. =D

Hello everyone ! Futurepolyglot, I think your idea is awesome! It's very simple to do and it can be very pleasant to receive a postcard in your letterbox, as you said. We should take the idea, share it to the world !

Sure, share it as far as possible! And thank you, it stimulates me to continue :)

6 ^^

4, please ;). If you want, a postcard from Poland can go to you :). Can I send you my address in a private message? Regards! :)


I love tis idea, I start do it there is long time, but it not stop in one post card, we stay friends by letters
number 2 please

dont forget to write your adress
when I get your card I will answer ;)

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We can exchange post cards. I can send you post card from Poland ;) I prefer 15 :D

number one :O

Great idea! ^^
I think I'll take a number 5 :)

i would like one if you still have one free, it can be a random one, i dont mind