A silly question Anything and everything

Hello people ! I just wanna know your answer about this question: if one day you got 1 million €/£/$, what would you buy ?

Its interesting to know people's answers and also a good way to know someone's tastes haha :)

I got to admit, you're the first person who told me something, almost, simple. That's a nice thing and your idea is pretty nice :)

You guys have nice projects :) very interesting especially the one about opening hostels !

For me, its a bit the same than oniksfly, i want to create an enterprise in investment and i think i will put everything (or most of the money) in my enterprise to gain more !

Btw, thank you all to reply me in this subject :)

Just like almost all people: to travel around world :) And making my studies more efficient. And of course a dream gaming system! :)

If I have a lot of of money, I'll go to live in a other country and stay there until I'll have no one penny haha

Well, be able to have better studies,
Some travelling
And buy a new house

The best gaming computer,
The fastest internet,
An Audi,
And i would go to language courses

2-3 holiday villas in a small but visited place, acquire a sizeable chunk of the local tourism market share, grow until I have the monopoly there, start investing in the transport infrastructure there, expand to another place, rinse and repeat several times then cash out and retire :)

I would buy a VW van and then I would just.. live in it..... XD

Wow guys, y'all got an interesting project :P thanks y'all to reply me !

I would visit the world and let some money to people who I think deserve it

I would travel the world and get to learn new cultures and people.

I'd buy a little cottage in a quiet place to live and I'd buy food for the poor people around me, I'd help in some way because they deserve as much as me.