Dear fellow,

yes I'm talking to you, you seating in front of your computer, still wondering why you clicked on this message. yes today, you could make a charity action for once, helping such a friendly guy in his project. Whom i'm talking about? me of course!
I'm going to move from France to Lithuania and I would like to cut my journey along the road Lyon-Munich-Wroclaw-Warsaw-Vilnius as much as I could for not suffering much the kilometers. That's why I beg the audience if, thanks to a miracle, somebody could shelter me and my vehicle for a night safe from the wolves, the tempest, in exchange of good company and some badjokes at the fireplace. It would be simply awesome and prooves on this earth, they didn't succeed yet to ruin totally human relationships.
Still reading? Does it mean you may be interested? Let's have a talk together to explain further ind etails my project!
Hope to read you all soon,