searching for pen pal Anything and everything


I was wonder if there is someone who is interested in snail mail.
I always wanted to make some friends in other country's. and the best way to know people is by writing something in a letter.

Just tel me about your culture- your life - your interests...

i know a e-mail is so mutch easy to get, but a real letter is so mutch more.

You do'nt have to say mutch if you do not want to, and your english do'nt have to be perfect, my english is also not perfect. I hope to find and make a long lasting pen friend!!

someone who speaks dutch is also verry welkom


Good day.
I'm eleonora. May I ask you, please, to became penpals?... If I won't bother you by asking this...

hi🙂 i'm italian and i would a pen pal for my english because it isn t very good
if you want write me