looking for snail mail pen pals Anything and everything


I have been on this page for quite a long time already..made some friends, found some e-mail pals.. now I am looking for people who would like to exchange real letters.
Real letters are just so much more personal. I am open for mostly anything there: either just writing letters.. or even decorating letters, exchanging photos, postcards, little handicrafts, whatever. This second thing sounds probably more like some girly thing 😃
Gender, country, age doesn't matter.

You can find out a bit more about me on my profile.
I write in either German or English. And I have lately been thinking about refreshing my Finnish, so if anyone would like to teach me some Finnish, I'd be happy as well 😉

Well, just write me 🙂

Hello, im eduardo, im too looking a letter friends =) maybe you and me can share thinks in letters, you can contactme =)

Hi Miri, Greetings from India! I'm Suvrojit and I send letters to already few friends abroad whom I met online (and probably will never see them in real life). Sometimes I don't hear them back with their letter but I willing to send you one if you are interested in receiving one from me. What do you say?
See you 🙂

Hi Miri,

it´s a good topic you wrote here. I´m here for a not so long time by now, but I also found some pen pals on other forums and I´m familiar with writing real letters.
I like to send small cute presents, too!
So if it doesn´t matter that I´m from Germany as well, write me back, I´ll be happy to become your paper letter pal! 🙂


Good day,
I'd like so much exchanging letters with penpals... May I ask you to, please?

I exchange letter and postcard there is few years
we can start?