My Science entomology Anything and everything

Dear members,

My name is Sven and i am a member for quite some time now.
Last half year i didn't have much time for penpal-gate at all.
I was busy with my study (chemistry) and my personal(hobby) study entomology.

Entomology is the study of insects.
If you have any questions about insects just ask me :)
I might be able to answere them.

And if you find a dead insect of which you wonder what it is i might be able to help.

I myself try to study the different colorforms of the european hornet (Vespa crabro).
It is very interesting that one species can have so many variationform or subspecies.
(Here comes the selfish part) :innocent
It i very hard for me to get specimens.
If people could help me to get specimens from their country or region that would help very much.

I am glad to teach people about the beautiful world of insects so please ask questions, wonder and learn :D

I'm pleased to meet you.

See you soon,

Hi Sven! I don't know anything about Entomology, but I'd like to aid you. Contact me, maybe I can help.