Have you ever met a penpal in real life? Anything and everything

If yes, how it was your experience?

Yes. And it was one of the most awesome experiences :) I hope everyone here is as lucky as me x)

not yet :)

Yes (several times), it was great, however I would advise anyone who thinks of doing it to be careful who they are meeting and take their time to get them know well in advance.

Yes, I met Bart. It was cool.

Yesss, I met my penpal from turkey! She stayed at my house for 1 week. It was awesome :) I can't wait to see her again! (but then i will go to turkeeyy!)

Yep, just once. :) Two years ago, my Hungarian friend came here in Sicily for 10 days and she was my host; I hope I'll visit her next year :)

Not yet.. umm i wonder if that day will come

not yet...but I'm waiting to have that kind of experience :)

Not yet... but I hope I will! :)

Yes, I've met 2 of my penpals in real life^^ In a situation, when your penpal visits your country and stays at your place it's good to consider cultural differences together to avoid awkward situations;)

not yet, if ever. I would like to though, but first I would need to have a pen-pal.

Nope...I've kept in touch with a girl who lives in the same city with me for 9 years online...and we've never met :(

Yes three persons and i say great expierense!
But really first make sure you get to know someone and best is to never meet alone the first time.
If you get the oppertunity i say do. It made my life way better.

Yes, I met Bart. It was cool.
Haha in 3 weeks again :P

Met 9 people so far,
about to meet 6 people this year

so far 1 from germany, 1 from france, 7 from the netherlands (all from this site)
This year (If I don't count doubles) 6 new, 4 in Italy + 2 in the netherlands :) and maybe one in Belgium, but still have to fix that trip :P