Dream country :) Anything and everything

Would you like to live in a different country? If yes, where and why.
I'd like to live in the North of Europe, like Sweden, The Netherlands...because I have a soft spot for nordic guys :P aahah

I'm actually quite happy where I live. But i 'd prefer living in the south of germany or switzerland :)the landscape looks so bbeautiful and moreover the wheather's good there :)

Argentina. I have always dreamt about it, but i don't know why :)

I'm happy with Germany, but I want to live abroad for some years to make new experiences ;)

USA no hesitation :p

I wan't to live in Norway, the landscapes are just awesome!! And i really like the language :p

I'd like to ive in Greece , do love it's culture and landscapes ! ^^

Me i like germany , london and USA

I'd like to live in Spain because I love his culture 001_tt1

Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland and Australia in this order.

Italy is ok, but I would like to do a long experience abroad, such as in Germany or New Zeland or Polynesia

Actually im happy to be in Turkey but Usa could be new experience that I can like :) In Turkey there are too many kind of unusual beauties/destinations and irrelavant cultures in one country. (Not just istanbul with bosphorus and mosques and full of Arab tourists). Usa is 'mixed' too that is attractive !

Ireland and Paris :)

Something where it almost never rains, beautiful beaches and good temperature yeahh i would like to go there haha

Kenya ") <3 I just love that country and people there. I know I belong there :)

Me i like germany , london and USA
001_tt1 :tongue:

My dream is to live in the UK, maybe in London, but i love USA too :)

France is the country of my dream! 001_tt1