Searching for a pen pal to write letters to :) Anything and everything

Hello everybody!

My name is Rebecca and I am seventeen years old from England. I come here in search of a female pen pal who I can write to around my age. I don't mind where you are from, I just want somebody who can write regularly and hopefully we can become really great friends! :D

I am quite a shy person and do not have very many friends at school which is why I would love to have a pen pal. That plus I love writing letters and I feel great when I receive one! :clap

I hope to hear from you soon!
Rebecca :D x

Hi Rebecca!
I'm Kyra, a 17 years old girl from Italy
i'm interested in writing letters or mail too, and i've been looking for an English friend for a long time...
so, if you want, we could start writing to each other! :)

i'm a quite shy girl too, so i can absolutely understand you when you say you feel great when you receive letters! :D

if you're interested, just let me know...


Hello Rebecca!

My name is Natasha, I am 18, I live in Russia. I am fond of literature and music. I understood you a lot, cause I like to write paper letters very much, so we can put in small interesting cards, little funny presents and other tnings, it will be funny!!!

Also i can help you to imrpove your Russian, and you my English(I study to be an intepreter) :)

if you're interested,let me know...


Hi everybody ^^ I'm Sara, I'm from Italy and I'm looking for new friends ^^ I'm interest to learn new languages and also improve my english....that it is not very good XD I'm not a very social girl because I'm very shy and I have difficult to make, if someone want, just let me know ^^

Hey everybody! :)

I just wanted to use the chance. Not only Rebecca is searching for a pen pal, I am searching too. By now I communicated about it with NatalyaR and sara1991. Hopefully it is going to work. :) :thumbup1 If anyone in here does not care about age or gender, I'll be your man! :yes

Do not be afraid of contacting. Maybe all of us could help a little bit that snail mails won't fell into oblivion in today's world. Keep on writing, folks! :clap

Hi everyone!
I'm 15 y/o girl from Finland and interested in snail-mail. If you want to snail-mail with me, don't be scared - send me an email! :)

Hey guys

I'm Trisha from Philippines , 18 years old. I'm also interested in snail-snail and I don't mind what gender or age you have ;)

Im quite shy in person that's why its easy for me to communicate through mails :) I have tried it with two friends of mine here and its really effective ^.^

if you want to write with me ;) just send me an e-mail or message me on (^.^)

I'm Darya from Ulraine :) I enjoy snail mailing a lot! I'd like to find new friends here. Oh, btw, I'm 17 years old)

I like to explore new countries and cultures. Of course, I often tell my penpals about some ukrainian customs. In my view, snail mailing is a good way to see the world without moving anything but your heart :)

feel free to write me^^ I'll be happy to make friends with you!

Darya xx