Do you know about Korea? Anything and everything

Do you know about Korea?

How much do you know about Korea?


korean dramas and kpop! <3

I love kpop! And I know only few words about it 🙂 I really would like to know more about country :c

i can read hangul, and know a few of words..
anyway, kpop and kdrama really interesting!!!

I know about Korea that there are 2 Korea, the Korean pop music. 🙂

And the Samsung city with houses, school and etc of course. 🙂

kdramas and kpop 🙂

ohh and also k-fashion, Ulzzang is my favorite :3

[b][color=white][u]Knowledge about Korea :[/u][/color][/b]

[i]-Northern Korea and Southern Korea;
-The korean music;
-The Samsung company;
-The Samsung city with houses, schools and etc;
-His president in the North Korea is a man Kim Jong-eun;
-The president of the South Korea is a woman : Park Geun-hye;
-The capital city of the North Korea is Pyongyang and for the South Korea : Seoul;
-The official language is the korean;
-The slogan of the North Korea is : A powerful and prosperous country.
-The slogan of the South Korea is : The prosperity for the people.[/i]

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I know Korean use sausages to use their thouch phones. (^w^)

Uh...<3 SUPER JUNIOR ^__^ lol!

On a more serious note, I know in korean there are two ways of speaking formal and informal.

I got to know Korea trough Kpop and now I like everything about Korea!

About South Korea? I respect this country because it made economic miracle.

Some of them will eat the other ones ahaha
What a motivation, we can say what we want about them, a country we don't know, but they are so motivated. Specialy the woman, she scares me out ))
Please notice the golden watch at 0:55
Soon available in your street!

I love so much Kpop and Kdramas 😃
I'd like to learn korean and to go in korea someday ♥ It's my dream ♥
I'd like to have some korean friends 😃

Right now I know Psy and Kpop 🙂
Well, I know some cities because I've always liked Geography at school, I know about the Olympic Games in Seoul 1988, and I know about the World Cup 2002...they won against Italy with some help from the referee... I still remember! And I've eaten Kimchi 🙂 good 🙂

i love korea! the food is so good here and the history so interesting, seoul is the best city ever! i love living there!