Send a postcard Anything and everything

I think that's a good idea to send postcards. I collect postcards, and maybe someone has the same hobby as me. Who agree? 🙂

Sounds fun!

We need to exchange addresses and send a message to our addresses.

Nice idea~

That wouldn't be a bad idea. But as for me, I'm moving to another town so I must wait for a bit.

I only send postcards when I'm on vacation, otherwise I send letters. 😉

This is what I want! 😃

I love exchanging post cards. Write to me if you would like to do it~

This is what I want too!

I collect stamps and postcards, I would like to join 🙂

everyone wants 😛

I'm ok to send cards!! and to receive some too 😉

Me too I want 😃

Great idea! 😃 So when someone of you wants to get a German postcard and wants to send me one, ask me. I also collect postcards. 😛

That's a very good idea!! I love sending postcards and, of course, getting them!

yeah, it's a nice idea, very nostalgic 🙂

And I like to send postcards,and also to get it. 🙂

Great idea! I also collect postcards and stamps 🙂