Christmas Presents Anything and everything

Hi all,

Yesterday I and Chicca had an idea. We make a list of people who want to send AND receive a Christmas present from somewhere else in the world. We all buy one (or two? I don't know) presents for someone else, something typical from our country.

Are there any people interested?

Let us know ^^

[b]The List:[/b]

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Of course I am interested! :D. Should we write the countries from whom we would like to receive the gifts? I think two presents are better than one ;)

Yes indeed two are better, if you don't like the first one you have another :p But then it may get expensive... :/

No, I mean that we could buy 2 presents for 2 different people :). One each :).

I know ;)

Oh. I'm interested :)

Cool :). I'll add you in the list. Are you interested in having something from a specific country?

I think we should send postcards, that we made to Christmas. But congratulation, it's a good idea :)


that's a good idea!
but it not have to be a present, only a postcard from all different countrys is also fun :)
and if you send a present bij mail to an other country that's quite expensiv..
but yes, i'm interessted! :)

byebye, love Hanna

Maybe we can send a card, with something selfmade in the envelop?

Sorry lustlover, I don't want to hurt you, it's only an idea.
If you choose the postcard I undertake the organizing of it. These is my email adress:, and you can write me about it. If it's good, please write me these: name, country, email adress, which countries do you send a postcard and where do you want to send.

Maybe we should first be SURE about what exactly we're gonna do... ;)

Yes, the postcards' idea is good! I think they should be selfmade, so they will be more personal ^.^

Ohhh definately count me in!
I think we should give the person who we are sending to the option of different small presents.
Like they could choose from keychains, postcards, T-shirt, small things instead of JUST sending a postcard. :)
I think this is such a great idea. :D

Well, I really don't know :). Maybe we could write if we prefer gifts or postcards ^.^. I think that both ideas are really good, the most important thing is to have a "real" contact between penpals, and have a special Christmas :)

I think AppleTans idea is good, a small thing we can put into the enveloppe is great :) It's not as expensive as a post packet, I think you need a stamp of >50g, and that costs about €1 ;) It's a good idea, there are a lot of small nice things! :)

Maybe we could buy this small gift and do a nice postcard :). Anyway, I think that anyone should decide what to do ^.^

hey,nice idea.have fun:)
we don't have Christmas here:)