Why PenPal Gate is full of: French, Italians and Polish? Everyday life and customs

We'll dominate the world... A new country: Pizza Land *_* (Illuminati?... ahahahha)
Psss...no, la Confraternita 😃

Pizza Land? I want to live there *___*

Who know Eiffeland ? 😛 ...I joke it's the France! 🙂

I think same too but one annoying thing is that the French peoples don't talk English even on MSN :/
Chat room too :S
yep. :/
I use to speak Dutch to people who people who understand Dutch and are able to speak Dutch as well. Not because of the fact I don't want anyone knows what I'm saying, it's more like... I feel more confident when I'm able to speak Dutch. ><

There aren't just much French, Italians and Polish people, I noticed there are loads of people from the United States and The Netherlands as well. 🙂

and don' t forget netheerlands.it is plenty