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what kind of song do you like?
I love a lots of songs I like and here I tell you why I like " ready to be myself" and some other stuff:

I love this song "never be alone",because it gives a lot of power when i was preparing for my an important test .And at that time,i feel very stressed. so i always listen this song alone in the balcony.

One of mine 'power songs' is: "Rachel Platten - Fight Song" and "Jeanette Biedermann Rock my life" - I really like it! 😁 btw, can anyone recommend me similar songs in such a climate? 🙂 I prefer older songs than those I can hear on the radio all the time.

This is my favorite Persian song by Sirvan Khosravi... one of our most famous pop singers <3

My favorite song is "One More Light" by Linkin Park, because I like the lyrics (for me they are telling my story) and the way Chester screams in the Bridge. Also they melodic thing is really cool

I’ve recently been listening to Hayley Kiyosko’s songs and she’s amazing!! My favourite song by her would probably be “Feelings”
I also love love love Hamilton!

My favorite song is "Olalla" - Blanco White. He plays the ukulele and I love this instrument ! The sentence "Somebody told me to believe" speaks a lot to me. Never tired of this song !

As The World Falls Down by David Bowie

quite good

One of my favourite musicians is dodie, the music is so calm and sometimes the lyrics just hit me

One of my favorite.... tells me never to give up

One of my favorite.... tells me never to give up

I love "Who run the world" from Beyonce, it gives me so much power! I also really love "Overprotected" from rpm Britney Spears

My favoriet , " last night the dj saved my life " because Yes music can releaves our stress, relax our mind.

《My love》《Unique》《free》《Blue sky》And so on,Lenka’s songs are so beautiful

《去流浪》(theme song of science fiction:Wandering Earth):
(theme song of anime:The best detective of Conan):
(theme song of The Little Prince(French version)):
(theme song of Planes):

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I love rihanna song 🤷🏻‍♀️
Some classics. 😉
I love Early Music (J.S.Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Renaissance, Barock).
I am an almost professional singer. 😉