What do you think about Chinese Girl/Woman? Everyday life and customs

What do you think about the differences between Chinese women and European women?

Chinese and japanese are lovely people


Chinese woman lives and does everything for her man/husband.He is the boss and she pleases him.In chinese society man is more important and more appreciated. It will take centuries until the voice of a chinese woman is heard and respected in same level as a (chinese) man's voice

Too many Asian tourists in Europe, once in Bratislava there was group of Japanese and each of them wanted to take a picture from the ground, they were 20 so I left and when I came back there was another group of Asian tourists.
Gosh, I'm a traveller and I hate tourists and their selfies so much😂😂

They're cute, Chinese girls/woman/females have a slightly rounder face than Japanese, Malaysians have different noses and more puffy cheeks, and Thailand and phillipines have skinnier faces. Lol yes I am a fanatic of Asian people. European woman don't seem that attractive they seem worn out if that makes sense? I don't know all I know is I am attracted to Asians and i like it lol

Every girl in the world has her story and some girls are unique and really beautiful.
I think that Chinese and Japanese girls and all Oriental girls in general are fascinating! :)

I believe that Chinese women are raised to be really sweet and have a lot of virtue. European woman are more self oriented I would say. But since females are usually more caring, and understanding than males, they try their best. :)

Chinese people and European people are in different culture. I have travelled to Asia some times and I have learned a lot from your culture. Especially, I like your kindness. Addionally, Chines girls and women are very pretty ... :)

I find Asian people shy, both male and female :) Also, maybe because of that they stick to eachother a lot. I mean if there is an Asian group they never seperate and usually never socialize with "Western" people.
Except these, I find them kind and sincere ^^

Oh last note, Asian women have "beauty standards" which I find sad. Maybe not all of them but when I was in S.Korea, most of the ladies had same type of heavy make-up. I am not against make-up but there was no uniqueness. Actually, they are really beautiful, if they stop following the trends and be like themselves.