Where have you been? Everyday life and customs

Hi everyone in Penpal,

My name is Isabelle, I come from China. I have been to Russia, and I want to visit Europe and Japan one day.

What's your favorite country or favorite city? Why?

(I want to make friends from different countries, please message me if you are interested in writing and talking with strangers.)

You can visit my country, and my city. I come from Poland, city Wrocław. It's city with a over 800 years history. Wrocław was founded by Czechs, expanded by Germans and Poles. During the Second World War was completely destroyed. Today is one of the most important polish cities.

Wow, It sounds nice. I love the city with a long history, so when you walk on the street, you could find something only belongs to this city. And you could see those old people who still live in the old style.

In this City the oldest people came from east period of "pre-war" Polish. "Pre-war" Poland was called second republic and contained neighboring countries (west Ukraine, west Belarus) From these areas polish population was displeaced to the West period of today's Polish.
I don't know if the Chinese school teaches such things.

Ah, of course not. Our teachers only teach history in the book. We know little about the Second World, all is for the exam.

Thank you for telling me about these, I love Poland, one of my favorite director is Roman Polanski.

Roman Polanski is good director :) Good choice. Did you ever seen the Pianist film ?

Of course, I have seen almost every film directed by him. And Rohmer, Truffaut...