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Do SOCIAL NETWORKS harm our mental health???

Let me know what you think...


Do you mean social media with social networks?

They are just tools... making them harmful or beneficial is up to us and how we decide to use them. Just like many other tools in our daily life. I knife can be used in cooking, or it can be used to harm someone. In the end it depends on us and hoe we use them.

I think the key is that you use it "carefully", like don't spend all of your time on it. Know that not everything on these Platforms are as they seem and if you get to the point, where you start to feel bad about yourself just because of using it then get off there.
Delete it.
There is no point in using something that pulls you down.
Also, you can live your Life perfectly fine without those Medias too. Not saying that you should do that or that they are purely bad. They do have their benefits as well. :)

my question is meant to think together about this topic and i'm happy that you guys expressed your own opinion, so, first of all, thanks.☺️

secondly, i asked u this question because i noticed that in the past few years i wasn't addicted to my mobile.. but now i'm realizing that i used it a lot. but not just whatsapp or the phone in general... i'm addicted to instagram. and i think this is becuase i'd like to be known in order to has an easier access to the show business (i'd like to become an actress and a photomodel)... i'm a bit scared. 🤯

somehow social media or social network is beneficial in our lives depending on how you use it and where you use it, it really depends on the person who uses it because it can either lead to your lowering your self esteem or seeing yourself as somewhat unperfect constantly comparing yourself to other people's life and how well they are, it can either be a poison or a somewhat cure it can help you if you choose to and it can ruin you if you vendure too deep and too long in it. (my opinion thanks)

Good question.I can write you that everything is depends on you.I could write you a lot in Russian but my English is not so good.
Every person must to know what is good for health mental and physical too.
Thank you.

@franksunrisess i really like your point of view. also, thank u guys for all your answers..
i'll try to sort out how to detox myself from instagram 🥵.. any suggestion??

i guess try to limit yourself put timers or alarms and check "your activity" on instagram you can see how daily you use it and try to lessen yourself each day by putting timers and second i guess unfollow people who make you feel less of what you truly really are i guess (just a suggestion!) haha ^_^ hope you be fine and all! goodluck

If you live more in a virtual world of am I pretty enough why am I not getting enough likes do people not like me. Then yes social media is a problem for you, unfortunately the UK now is getting a law to help hold the hands of young people and tell them its OK and the world likes them. It's sad that youth are now needing this. I bet most reading this Checked there Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram at least once, and I bet most will admit to checking there phones incase the app doesn't make a noise. If so you have an issue.

Edit; just wanted to add that it's all good to add timers and use apps that block an app after a set amount on it in 24 hours but if you do that you can undo it, my advice give your phone to your parents each week and you get it back for the weekend, that way you are limiting your exposure.