Where would you like to travel? Everyday life and customs

Hi everybody! Where would you like to travel?
Which is the best place to visit?

Per me ce ne sono tanti 😂. L'italia, Bulgaria, Francia e vorrei tanto visitare Costa Rica. Scusa scrivo in italiano perché non so l'inglese.

Shiraz (Iran)

middle east

Trans-siberian railway tour.

midle east countries 🙂

midle east countries 🙂

I would love to travel to Scotland, Italy, France and Boston 😊

Canada ~ 😍
Scotland, Ireland, China, Japan, Alaska(?)

Alaska is my big dream.

I Love indonesia and Thailand

Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia

Finland is my main objective

Finland is my main objective

Unfortunately you have to cancel your trip because some foreigners have committed crimes in Finland and they should be deported to Siberia

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Iceland on foot with a camping tent and Denmark on a bike, the advantages of small countries 🙂
And then of course, Bhutan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia

P.S. I strongly advise you to go to Russia, on the trans-Siberian I had enough time in winter only for Moscow - Novosibirsk - Tomsk because I had 20 days, 9 of which I had to be in Moscow with my special person 🙁
However, Russians are the best people in the world, believe me (not in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg, where I've been as well, but in Siberia and on that train they would offer you their houses, even though they have nothing...), I learn Russian and I made the best friendships ever...
I'll come back and finish my trans-siberian trip one day, then I'll go to all other cities in Russia, I love that country and its people, damn if I do

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DUBLIN AND WIEN ARE MY TARGET. And germany!!!!! I want to study there

Iran !

I would like to travel to space, as I have been everywhere on earth that I was interested in. Would be nice to get a perspective on how insignificant we are in the vastness of the universe.